Gabriel Pastor is a young and creative Spanish architect based in Hamburg, Germany.
Gabriel never belonged to the place where he was living. As a child he was the "foreigner" living on Mallorca; as a young man, the Mallorcan studying in Madrid; and now as an adult, he is the Spaniard working and living in Hamburg.
As for many others, the pandemic changed everything for Gabriel. Between personal and professional tribulations, he was immersed in a continuous emotional state of longing and melancholy. He felt deeply nostalgic.
It was then, that he decided to take refuge in his creativity. Mixing his interest in 3D design with a growing and effervescent curiosity for his roots, he began to be "En Biel Seia".

En Biel Seia is Gabriel's artistic project.
His 3D digital compositions reflect stories from Balearic folklore.
The pieces are inspired by Mallorcan rondaies (popular short stories of typical oral transmission), popular music, poetry and Catalan modernist art.
Many of the themes of the Balearic and Catalan cultural heritage are sometimes influenced by classical stories from Roman and Greek mythology and even biblical history. This cultural intersection serves him as a tool for research.
The compositions are strongly influenced by the work of Anglada Camarasa, Santiago Rusiñol and the Pre-Raphaelite movement.
With this project, Gabriel aims to learn from his roots and exploit his creativity. Using a modern language, he aims to tell stories that have not yet been heard by many.

With this project, Gabriel seeks to embrace his roots and unlock his creative potential. Utilizing a contemporary language, he aspires to share untold stories. Through En Biel Seia, he invites others to embark on a journey where tradition meets modernity, and where narratives, previously unheard by many, come to life.

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