Gabriel Pastor, a young and imaginative Spanish architect, finds his creative sanctuary in Hamburg, Germany.
Never tethered to a single place, Gabriel's journey mirrors a narrative of constant discovery. From being the "foreigner" on Mallorca during his childhood, a Mallorcan student in Madrid during his youth, to now as an adult, the Spaniard calling Hamburg home.
The onset of the pandemic marked a pivotal moment for Gabriel. Amid personal and professional challenges, he navigated a sea of emotions, steeped in longing and melancholy, finding solace in his creativity.

Enter En Biel Seia – Gabriel's artistic haven.
His 3D digital compositions serve as a canvas for tales rooted in Balearic folklore. Inspired by Mallorcan rondaies (captivating short stories passed down through oral tradition), popular music, poetry, and Catalan modernist art, Gabriel weaves a rich tapestry.
Themes from Balearic and Catalan cultural heritage intertwine with classical stories from Roman and Greek mythology, and biblical history, creating a cultural crossroads that becomes a wellspring of inspiration.
In his artistic exploration, Gabriel draws influence from the works of Anglada Camarasa, Santiago Rusiñol, and the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

With this project, Gabriel seeks to embrace his roots and unlock his creative potential. Utilizing a contemporary language, he aspires to share untold stories. Through En Biel Seia, he invites others to embark on a journey where tradition meets modernity, and where narratives, previously unheard by many, come to life.

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