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Raixa is a property placed in the Bunyola borough by the feet of the Tramontana Mountain Range on the Island of Mallorca, in Spain.
Raixa has through the years become a symbol of former greatness, an ideal of how life used to be. Movies like “Bearn, the dolls’ chamber” from 1983 based on Llorenç Villalonga’s (1897-1980) novel show this.
The main house is surrounded by many gardens. Maybe the most known is the northern one chaired by a monumental Stair.
This part of the garden was designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Lazzarini (1769-1834) and is dedicated to the God Apollo.
Two lions preceed the firs stair climb. The steps are organized in to several climbs originally surrounded by a collection of aromatic flowers, some of them imported from America. Several statues represent the four muses linked to Apollo (Poetry, Comedy, Drama, and Music)
Many Spanish artists have represented the gardens of Raixa like Santiago Rusiñol.
This ideal of former greatness and belonging to a dissolving culture lost in the past was also represented in an musical album named, Raixa by Mallorcan Singstress Maria Del Mar Bonet. Her concert by the steps of the monumental stair is still today a reference of the great culture that people from the island share
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